Blue or Grey

by Mark O'Keefe

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Doubtful you'll get out today
Despite a vast, titanic passageway
Toe the line or disobey
Up in their grills or fade away
Adrift in your habituate
Do you dance with Mssrs. Blue or Grey?

Restless night - again, no sleep
Rheumy-eyed, you seem to keep
Losing your identity somewhere
Between wretchedness and misery
Further, things you should have hid...
Should you dance with Mssrs. Blue or Grey?

Soaring above the clouds, staring down at the fools
Spinning, plieing
Light seems to emanate from you
And never does darkness come

Quivering in your pallid place
Raw-boned and emaciated
Dabbling in your token way
A mortal choice you've made, half-way
A myriad wraiths you could have been...
Perhaps a dancer for Mssrs. Blue or Grey?

Akimbo among the skies, staring down at the duped
Twirling and swaying
Light seems to radiate from you
And never does darkness come

Fading luminance, the midnight sun
Cede the dark star you cannot outrun
Snuff the candle and suffering's done...

Tumbling from the clouds, smirking at us buffoons
Blazing and smoldering
Light seems to evanesce from you
Always, the darkness comes


released January 25, 2016
Lyrics and music by Mark O'Keefe
All vocals and instrumentation by Mark O'Keefe with the exception of...
Drums, certain arrangements, a bunch of really really good ideas, and seemingly eternal patience on this one courtesy of Gary Schwartz
Cover art public domain photograph of the Solheimasandur Plane Wreck in Iceland taken by an unknown photographer - eternally grateful !!
Cover art photo modification and design by Mark O'Keefe
Copyright 2016 Mark O'Keefe - All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Mark O'Keefe Ventura, California

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